Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What A Day

Well, we started the Crepe Paper pictures this morning after morning tea. I have finally discovered that I can't have Andrew and Rebecca working on the same thing at the same time at the same table!!! They fought over the crepe paper, had races to see who could scrunch up the most balls.... this list goes on. The racing is fine but I had to do the balls all over again as they weren't really balls. Ended up being quite stressed about it. Kelly, the 14 month old decided to be a thorn in Rebecca's side the whole time too. I guess she thought she was missing out on something. We (Rebecca and I) managed to get her bumble bee done. Once the pictures are done I'll take a pic and post it up.

Tommorow, Andrew can sit at a little table off the side with his paper and picture and Rebecca can sit at the big table; I have to supervise her with the glue. Just imagine the mess otherwise!! Andrew did manage to go to the flicks to watch Transformers....just.... He nearly missed out. We let him go with him understanding that it was only because he had the last week and a half of being so good at school. Next Tuesday I'm taking him to see Ice Age 3 however I'm not telling him. I'm feeling that the flicks bribery doesn't work; it seems to make him a little feral. Andrew has only been to the flicks not even 5 times so maybe there is too much excitement??

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a much better day. Might even grab the laptop, dog and take the kids to the park. Mmmm maybe my youngest niece might like to come too.