Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Crepe Paper Pictures

The School Holidays Are Nearly Over

As much as I love my kids, I am discovering that school holidays don't gel too well. Andrew seems to cope better with 1 week off and Rebecca is about the same as far as her putting up with him at home. Kelly doesn't care too much as long as no one annoys her. The kids and I haven't completed everything on the holiday list yet. Still have to finish the phrase books and make chocolate crackles. Andrew's busy tomorrow morning so Rebecca and I can do her bit on the phrases. We will try and make the chocolate crackles on Monday.

Scrapbooking went out the window for 2 weeks although I have started a LO.

My youngest niece (Katelyn) stayed overnight last night so she did some quilling and I added to my new LO. Shopping was this morning then came home and did a few things. Katelyn continued to stay on and we ended up playing Monopoly after dinner. Katelyn made a LO for me; will take a pic of it tomorrow and post it up later. Anyways, it's late; hopefully I'll be back again tomorrow night.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Big W Toy Spectacular Sale

My goodness!! This morning at Big W was like Boxing Day!! Busy busy busy. Thank goodness I left the kids with my sister. It was bedlam!! The line up for the layby department was around every corner (well...not every corner) and almost out the door. So glad I didn't layby; at least I got through the checkout in no time. Andrew and Rebecca have still yet to have their birthdays', so their birthday presents have already been bought and thought that I may as well get their chrissy presents at the same time. Didn't buy anything for Kelly; she's already had her birthday and by Christmas her interests would have changed so I'll find some things throughout the year for her.

Andrew is going to be so excited come birthday and christmas; between Star Wars, Transformers and Ben 10, I don't think he's going to know what to do with himself.

Rebecca will be quite happy with her innings. All little girly things of course.

Andrew started cutting out stuff for his phrase books this afternoon. Will continue with that tomorrow. Might even make pikelets for afternoon tea; we have some visitors coming over.

Tomorrow I'll upload a couple LOs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Finally Did It!!!

Much to my relief, Andrew and Rebecca behaved themselves while we finished off the Crepe Paper pictures. Kelly was happy to sit in her high chair and watch the proceedings. Took some pics but will upload just one for now.

Tomorrow we're going into the shops to buy birthday presents for the kids and look at what we might be able to get them for Christmas. Big W are having a Toy Spectacular Sale so we would like to take advantage of the savings. Maybe in the afternoon we might be able to get a start on the Phrase books. Shall let you know how things go!!!